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"[Untitled - France]", Rosaccio, Guiseppe
125 €
Subject: France
Period: 1688 (published)
Publication: Teatro del Mondo e sue Parti...
Color: Black & White
6.8 x 5.1 inches
17.3 x 13 cm
This woodcut map of France depicts mountains, rivers and cities in a crude, but charming manner. The map extends to include Belgium, the Netherlands, and parts of Italy, Switzerland, and Germany. A similar map first appeared in Rosaccio's Theatro del Cielo o della Terra in 1595, with numerous editions published through 1724. New wood blocks were cut for the 1688 edition, which was renamed Teatro del Mondo e sue Parti.
References: King (2nd Ed.) pp. 72-73; Shirley (BL Atlases) T.ROS-2a #5.
Condition: B+
A dark impression, issued folding, with very minor soiling and several small worm tracks that have been professionally infilled, with loss of a small amount of image at top center and the bottom right corner.

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